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Get the Tax Credit you Deserve

If you design, architect, produce, engineer, discover,  develop, create software (or other intellectual property)  in the USA you should be taking advantage of these generous state and federal tax  benefits. 

Discover how easy it is to create a great Research Credit Tax study that documents all your technical work performed in the USA and gets you the tax credits that you deserve.

Three different versions

Software Development

Whether you create software for sale, or use it internally, there are substantial tax credits for doing that type of work here in the US.


Development of testing protocols, drugs, formal processes, clinical trials are all qualified.


Any technical work that uses principles of Biology, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry (or other hard science) and EXPERIMENTATION to create a new or improved product could qualify too.

Research Study

Research Study


Research Study Online is a self-service system for assembling and archiving the documentation
required for the Research Tax Credit

Since each industry does  technical work in a slightly different way and the tax law differs by industry, Research Study Online addresses these anomolies with specialized tools made for firms who want to  create their own confidential tax study with their existing staff.

Built-in Features

Table of Contents

  • 1.1 Results
  • 1.2 3-Way  Title Risk Analysis
  • 1.3 Titles breakdown
  • 1.4 Nexus
  • 1.5 Consultants
  • 1.6 Contracts
  • 1.7 Supplies
  • 1.8 Computer Rentals
  • 2.1 Division background
  • 2.2 IUS (if applicable)
  • 2.3 Research Study Online Definitions
  • 2.4 Job Title Descriptions
  • 1.5 Consultants
  • 1.6 Contracts
  • 1.7 Supplies
  • 1.8 Computer Rentals
  • 4.1 Projects
  • 4.2 Activities
  • 4.3 Cost Centers
  • 5.1 Employees
  • 5.2 Coontractors

Benefits of Using Research Study Online

Lower your firms effective tax rate.

Level the playing field

Your large competitors have been getting this credit for years. Now it's your turn.


Why pay a consulting firm when you already have staff with accounting experience in your industry?

Safety & Privacy

Research Study Online secures your data on AWS servers and uses industry leading Oauth2 authentication.

Audit Workbook

In the unlikely event that your credit is audited, you can download an 'audit workbook' that documents all of the data that you entered into the system.

Help Keep America Technical

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